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"By 2024, indigenous forest peoples will be educated and skilled, with effective representation in national and international decision-making bodies, financially self-sufficient, and with their cultures valued and protected."


On October 4, 2016, the indigenous forest peoples of Cameroon gathered in Akonétyé, district of Djoum, for a General Assembly with the aim of officially establishing their own platform. 


The platform was named "Gbabandi", the Baka word for a termite mound, which illustrates the union of diverse indigenous communities working towards common goals.


Gbabandi's objective is to strengthen the direct representation of Cameroon’s indigenous forest peoples at both local and national levels, and to increase their effective participation in decision-making processes.

For these communities, Gbabandi is the space that allows them to communicate, to maintain inter-community dialogue which leads them to imagine a common future, and to collectively invest in moving towards their desired future. 

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