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The platform for Cameroon's

indigenous forest peoples


Gbabandi was formed in 2016 by indigenous peoples’ associations working with more than 100 indigenous Baka and Bagyeli communities in Cameroon, in order to better represent the views of indigenous forest peoples at the national level.


The platform currently has nine indigenous member organisations, and this number is growing. Member organisations are based throughout Cameroon’s South and East forest regions representing Baka and Bagyeli peoples, with Bakola and Bedzang organisations expected to join soon. Each organisation has links with local indigenous communities in its area of operation.


Platform members currently include: ABAGUENI, ABAWONI, ADEBAKA, ADEPA, ARBO, ASBABUK, ASBAK, CADDP and Okani.


Gbabandi’s second general assembly was held in July 2019 in the Nomedjo community forest in Lomié.

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